Kick Soda to The Curb…Forever!

Kick Soda to The Curb…Forever! (Minus the horrible headaches!)

Recently I took on a new client. Reading her health questionnaire, I could see several areas that needed improvement, but none stood out more than her deep love of Diet Dr. Pepper. She clearly stated that would be THE hardest things for her to give up.

She was not alone! After 15 years of working with people, I had heard several love songs sang and sonnets written about soda and diet soda. It never stopped amazing me how many times the word LOVE came up, referring to diet soda! It left me with no doubt that soda and diet soda have a profound and negative effect on the mind and body that put it at the top of the poison list.

My client confided in me that she had tried twice before to give up her 30-year addiction to diet soda and both time her headaches were so severe that after just a day or two, she went right back to drinking what she knew was bad for her.

All soda, diet included, has a huge impact on hormones. That is one of the reasons the headaches hit so hard when someone stops drinking it. The good news, this was NOT my first soda intervention and I knew exactly what she needed to kick soda to the curb forever, minus headaches.

diet soda

The fact is that all artificial ingredients, including artificial sweeteners are the biggest cause of weight gain and energy drag! They are manmade substances the body has no way of recognizing or knowing how to process, so…. they are automatically stored as FAT! Yes, FAT! And the more artificial ingredients you take in the fatter those fat cells get! No matter how little else you eat or drink or how much you work out. You think that soda or diet soda gives you energy but actually it’s the opposite and if you follow this road map I’ll prove it to you!

My client wanted to rid herself of this addiction asap but she was scared and didn’t know what she would do when the headaches hit, and she wanted to go back to her addiction. I offered her the Secret Road Map to kicking soda out of her life forever! She took the map, she followed it to the T, and by the next week she was doing a Facebook live video thanking me and telling the world that if she could do it so could they?.

What’s that? You know someone who is under the influent of soda and you want the Secret Road Map too? Normally, this is reserved for my coaching clients but it’s time for all of us to rid our lives of things that don’t nourish the body, mind and spirit, so here it is.

  • Step 1 : Start with a little prayer of intention as there is no substitute for clarity, focus and divine intervention!
  • Step 2 : Buy an equal quantity to what you would drink in soda, of unflavored sparkling water. I prefer La Croix.
  • Step 3 : Pick up your favorite flavor of liquid Stevia drops either on line or from your local Whole Foods or Sprouts (Iould call ahead to make certain they have them). My current client used cola flavor. There are many amazing flavors with the largest selection and best price usually available online.
  • Step 4 : You need to begin to support your body and balance your hormones. This is what will keep you from getting the headaches. This is a critical part of the roadmap! The soda has been having a profound and negative effect on your hormones and blood sugar, yes, the artificial sweetener has a negative affect on your blood sugar!!! Trust me. You need two supplements to begin the process of balancing your body. The Vitamin Patch has supplement formulations on a topical patch that are time released and all-natural. Time released is important because you will need support throughout the day and one patch will take care of it from morning till bedtime. You need the body replenishing and inflammation fighting, Adult Multi+Omega-3 (comes on one patch) and you will also need the amazing hormone balancing and headache incinerating, Extreme Hangover Defense. Nothing beats a headache like this formulation!
  • Step 5 : On day one of the secret road map to balancing your body and your life, put one Adult Multi+Omega-3 patch on the side of your arm or back of your shoulder. Make certain you don’t have lotion or oil where you put the patch. It can interfere with absorption and adhesion.
  • Step 6 : Each time you would normally have a soda, get out a can of ice cold, crisp La Croix, put your desired amount of Stevia flavored drops in and enjoy. Start with just a few drops and add more as needed, Stevia is sweet. It will trick the brain and curb the craving.
  • Step 7 : If you feel a headache beginning to creep up or if it hits you like a ton of bricks, immediately put an Extreme Hangover Defense patch on the opposite arm or shoulder from your Adult Multi+Omega-3 patch. Make certain you don’t have lotion or oil where you put the patch. It can interfere with absorption and adhesion.
  • Step 8 : Relax. The patch will begin to relieve your headache within 15 minutes or less.
  • Step 9 : Repeat daily until you are done with soda/diet soda forever. How long? It’s different for everyone but within a few days to a week you should be good. Keep your Stevia/LaCroix Mix close and your patches closer! They will help get you through the tough spots.
  • Step 10 : Optional but a huge help! You may also want to check out Extreme Energy from The Vitamin Patch. It has very little green tea caffeine and was specifically formulated for extreme athletes but has been field tested across the board with amazing reviews for the cleanest, clearest, all day long energy available!

So that’s it, the secret is out. Hopefully this is all you need to cure yourself or your clients off the energy sucking, fat storing, mind torturing poison, called soda!
Above all, be honest with yourself!
Take Care,

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